Code Of Conduct



Event Personnel Australia Pty Ltd acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land throughout Australia and their continued connection to land, sea and community. We pay our respects to them and their cultures, to the Elders past, present, and emerging.

Our Company Values – Commitment to be Better

Attendance – Be Punctual and Ready to Start Work

Work Ethic – Work Hard, Work Smart

Dress Code – Look Great. Dress Smart

Drug Use or Intoxication – Be Fit for Work

Confidentiality – Behind the scenes. Maintain the illusion

Behaviour – Accept the Difference

Communication – Keep us all Safe and on Track

What is a Code of Conduct?

This Code of Conduct provides guidelines about acceptable behaviour. It is a is a set of rules and standards set by our company that instruct our employees on how to behave in the workplace. These guides establish how we, as your employer, expect team members to interact with clients, fellow staff members and company managers. Under this Code of Conduct, all employees are held to the same standard of behaviour.


Why a Code of Conduct?

A Code of Conduct has been put in place to define our company culture. It lets our clients and employees know our values and principals and sets expectations and standards that maintain and encourage appropriate behaviour. 


It is our mission to be considered the leading event personnel hire company in Australia.

Our values and our team are key to setting the tone relating to our interaction with clients and employees.


Commitment: Be dependable and proud of the work we do. We are dedicated and engaged to continue in the work we provide and
the service we offer.


Integrity: We understand and promote the importance of transparent, honest, and ethical business practices. Be professional at all


Safety: The safety of our employees is paramount. Continued development of induction processes and skills training promotes the ongoing
safety of our employees and clients.


Quality:  We continue to maintain and improve the reputation of our personnel through comprehensive training programs, communication, empowerment, and effective feedback.


Proactivity: Working smart and effectively. Work to our strengths, be part of the team. Adapting to change and rising to the challenge
of delivering our service at short notice acting with urgency.



Event Personnel Australia seeks to provide a well-structured and reliable crewing service.

As an employee we require you to be on site and ready to work at least twenty minutes before the start of your shift. We accept that on occasion it may be difficult to maintain this policy. In this instance we insist on prompt communication to the Crew Chief, Operations, or relevant senior crew person.


Employee Expectations

  • Report for work as scheduled
  • Communicate by phone or text any unscheduled absence or lateness within a reasonable time frame.
  • Provide an acceptable reason for absence indicating an expected date and time of return to work.
  • Provide additional substantiating documentation for absence when requested.


Shift times may extend past the expected finish time. In this instance, please raise all concerns with your supervisor.



It is the expectation of Event Personnel Australia in relation to job performance, that employees maintain standards of performance and conduct as outlined by the company policies.


Employee Standards

  • Behave with civility towards fellow colleagues, clients, and members of the public.
  • Rudeness will not be permitted. Objectionable, insulting behaviour or bad language may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.
  • Use of mobile phones or electronic devices for non-urgent personal reasons is not acceptable outside of break times.
  • During working hours, devote the whole of your time, attention, and abilities to the job at hand.
  • Any involvement in an activity that may be considered as being in competition with, or is a conflict of interest with the Employer, is not acceptable and may result in disciplinary action.



It is important for the reputation and the success of this organisation that we present a professional and appropriate appearance to our clients and the public. Each employee is our Company’s representative and is expected to present a neat and tidy appearance that is appropriate to their role.

Clothing should be neat, tidy, and clean. Safety aspects of clothing should be always considered. Clothes that present a health & safety risk in the opinion of your manager will not be acceptable.           

What is Acceptable

  • EPA shirts are to be worn on every event
  • Black long pants (Work shorts accepted where full PPE not site specific).
  • Lace-up steel-capped boots.
  • Wear all relevant personal protective clothing and equipment (PPE). If in doubt, ask your Crew Chief or Manager.

What is Unacceptable?

Some examples of inappropriate dress include:

  • Clothing that is untidy, stained, torn, frayed, holed, unwashed or generally scruffy
  • Singlets
  • Crop Tops
  • Trackpants & low-slung pants
  • Board Shorts
  • Sneakers, Hiking Boots, Thongs, Bare Feet
  • Head Scarfs and other casual headwear
  • The deliberate altering of uniform is unacceptable.

Exemptions and Other Considerations       
Religious and cultural beliefs will be taken into consideration, as will comfort for varying physical situations. If you have any specific clothing requirements, please discuss these with your manager.


The use of alcohol or drugs jeopardises a safe workplace. Event Personnel Australia recognises alcohol and other drug dependencies as treatable conditions and encourages those persons who may be subject to such dependency to seek assistance from appropriate organisations or support groups.

Illicit Drugs and Alcohol       
Event Personnel Australia has a zero-tolerance approach towards the presence of illicit drugs or alcohol in the workplace. This includes the possession of an illicit substance. Any testing of an employee that results in a non-negative reading of a non-prescribed substance will result in a disciplinary action up to and including termination. The allowable blood alcohol content limit is zero (0.00%).

Prescribed / Over the Counter Medication  
Employees who are taking any prescribed/over-the-counter medication or drugs that may affect their ability to perform their work must notify management before commencing a shift. You may be required to produce a medical certificate stating that you are fit for work or specifying any restrictions.

EPA may at any time undertake random screening for alcohol and drugs.

For new employees, this may include pre-employment testing.

Screening may also be conducted based on reasonable suspicion or following an incident or accident.  Positive readings at any time will result in disciplinary procedures up to and including termination of your employment or engagement.        

Smoking on the premises or in company vehicles is not permitted. You are only permitted to smoke in designated areas during break time.



On occasion you will have access to areas, equipment and personnel that would not be readily available to the general public.  It is our policy to maintain the confidence of individuals and not discuss, photograph, or share on social media industry secrets or methods outside of the immediate workplace.  Breaches of this code may result in disciplinary actions including termination.



We recognise that bullying and harassment can exist in the workplace and can detract from a productive working environment and can impact on the health, confidence, morale and performance of those affected by it.   Event Personnel Australia is committed to the provision of a fair, healthy and safe workplace in which everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and in which no individual or group feels bullied, threatened, or intimidated.


A single incident of unwanted or offensive behaviour can amount to harassment. It can take many forms and individuals may not always realise that their behaviour constitutes harassment.

Some examples of harassment include:

  • insensitive jokes and pranks
  • lewd or abusive comments about appearance
  • deliberate exclusion from conversations
  • displaying abusive or offensive writing or material
  • unwelcome touching
  • abusive, threatening, or insulting words or behaviour.


Bullying is repeated, offensive, abusive, intimidating, insulting or unreasonable behaviour directed towards an individual or a group, which makes the recipient(s) feel threatened, humiliated, or vulnerable.          
Bullying can take the form of physical, verbal, and non-verbal conduct.

Some examples of bullying include:

  • abusive, insulting, or offensive language or comments
  • unjustified criticism or complaints
  • physical or emotional threats
  • deliberate exclusion from workplace activities
  • the spreading of misinformation or malicious rumours
  • the denial of access to information, supervision, or resources such that it has a detrimental impact on an individual or group.



If you believe that the Employer or any of its officers or employees is involved in any form of wrongdoing such as: 

• committing a criminal offence        
• failing to comply with a legal obligation      
• endangering the health and safety of an individual
• environmental damage or  
• concealing any information relating to the above, 

you should, in the first instance, report your concerns to management who will treat the matter with complete confidence. If you are not satisfied with the explanation or reason given to you, you should raise the matter with the appropriate organisation or body, e.g. the police, the Environment Protection Agency or the health and safety regulator.       
You will not suffer any detriment because of any genuine attempt to bring to light matters of concern. However, if this procedure has not been invoked in good faith (e.g. for malicious reasons or in pursuit of a personal grudge), then you may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Welcome to Event Personnel Australia, this is your CREW HUB.

The Crew Hub is still under construction and will continue to evolve. I encourage you to check back in regularly for event and venue information.

It will eventually  provide an opportunity to purchase tools and kit, find out about training courses, and for you to provide feedback to us about your experience here at EPA. 

Apart of your onboarding process you need to complete:

  1. Complete the Employee
  2. Read and sign all the
    Employee Handbook, The Health and Safety Handbook and Code of Conduct .
  3. Complete, Sign and
    Submit the Employee Details Form.

The documents you may need to supply include:

  • Driver’s license
  • White Card
  • Any appropriate tickets or certificates
  • Police clearance
  • Covid-19 Vaccination proof
  • Working with children, check

Thanks again for your time.  Welcome aboard as part of our Evolving Team at Event Personnel Australia ( Wanju ) .

If you  require any assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us on 

 08 9477 1888. 

Our Code of Conduct can be summarised in eight key points as outlined above.  This code applies to all employees of Event Personnel Australia regardless of the position held in the company. It has been established to encourage a strong, healthy culture accepting of diversity and change. 

Please take the time to digest these points and commit them to memory. 


Kaya Wanju

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Event Personnel Australia Pty Ltd (EPA) is honoured to be situated on the ancestral lands of the Whadjuk Noongar people. We acknowledge the First Australians as the traditional owners of the lands we represent, and pay respect to their Elders, past, present and emerging.