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It has been said ‘If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life’ this is the motto that has been fully embraced by Event Personnel’s intermediary and front man Joe Vecchiotti who has worked for over 45 successful years in the Concert and Event Production industry.

From his illustrious start working bands in Adelaide and running audio hire company in Adelaide and then moving as stage manager for 70’s band Sherbet and other well-known bands throughout the 80’s he learnt form the ground up what it takes to put on a spectacular show.

There are few elements of concert production that Joe has not experienced first-hand given that the stage manager was required to be a one-man band that looked after every element of production as a stage technician, mixing the sound and bumping out at the end of the night.

His hands on experience gave him a unique perspective of what is required from each crew member.

It was a natural progression for him to found his own Crewing and Event Staffing Company.

 Joe has as any good manager imparted his knowledge to his crew members in meticulous detail, always taking care to maintain the great energy that is at the heart of the Music and Event Industry.

This ensures that the staff of Event Personnel Australia is across everything it takes, to make an event great.

With each event on average requiring 200 –300 crew this is no small feat.

Joe has continued to be hands on throughout the years, often reprising the role of Site Manager.

This entails the minute management of full-scale outdoor productions and Events requiring over 300 staff and round the clock attention.

No element big or small goes unnoticed as he orchestrates the crew to pull together to create a flawless and memorable production.

Joe’s meticulous attention to detail and strict staff requirements have allowed Concert Promoters and Event Managers great peace of mind.

They feel confident that when they contact

Joe and Event Personnel Australia to assist with their concert and Event Staffing needs, they can rest assured that their event will run like clockwork.

In a dynamic and difficult industry like Concert production, Events Joe Vecchiotti has a well-earned reputation as a man who gets things done! 

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If you want to build a lifetime of friendships and have a Rock and Roll story to tell the grandchildren, why not apply for work with us?
Ours is a loyal culture built over 46 years, and is the reason for our continued success.
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Our Happy Clients!

"We have been partnering with EPA for the past year and it’s been a great experience. They have provided us crew at the drop of a hat and they always turn up on time and stay to get the job done. A big shout out to Penny who is a great team leader."
Created By Clint,
"Novatech provide production across Australia on concerts and festivals and we always love working with the team at EPA in Perth and Adelaide. We have formed a great relationship over the past 20 years and can rely on EPA’s crew to work seamlessly with our onsite crew"
Novatech Creative Event Technology
“When our crewing requirements exceed our staff, we rely on EPA who always provide us with quality crew”
TLS Productions

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